Our contribution to society

ContributionIn SeaSearch we take pride in doing our best for the environment and for society both locally and globally. We try to limit waste and focus on environmentally friendly solutions by for example operating 100% digitally thereby avoiding unnecessary use and waste of paper and ink.

We create transparency to the maritime and shipping industries and we strive to provide a service, which supports the local one man business equally well as the global corporation. Through our platform we try to create a place, where the small local businesses can become visible to the ship operators thereby supporting the local trades and the local communities.

We believe in diversity, because diversity brings synergy and innovation. Our staffing and operation will not discriminate on nationality, culture, religion, age and sexual orientation. On the contrary, we encourage and embrace it.

We support the UN sustainable development global goals and reflect it in our choices, our way of conducting business and our ethical standards. Our key values are integrity, transparency and best practice in everything we do.