About Seafarer.global

Seafarer.global is a community for seafarers, who works or have been working in the merchant fleet, where they can meet and have a dialogue, exchange knowledge, news and tricks and maintain contact with colleagues around the world.

When you are requested to sign on to a ship in a port, where you have not been before, and you get to spend 12 hours, a day or two waiting for the ship to arrive, then you can ask through the forum for advice on what to do in the port town, which sights to see, where to get a decent meal for a decent price, etc. while you wait for your ship to arrive.

The purpose is to create a space, where professional can help each other out, bring comfort and stay in touch. We are a supporting organisations working for the wellbeing and work safety of seafarers by allowing them space on Seafarer.global making it easier for the users to find and access them.

The Seafarer.global will continuously be developed to provide relevant information and services to the seafarers. We hope, you may enjoy the community and please encourage others to join. The SeaSearch Team

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